Tenancy & Pupillage

Tenancy Applications

Applicants should apply in writing to our clerk to chambers with a copy of their cover letter, curriculum vitae, and such other materials as he or she deems necessary.

All enquiries should be directed to  chambers@trinitychambers.hk.

Pupillage Applications

Pupillage applications are considered year-round, all applications should be submitted to chambers@trinitychambers.hk and addressed to the intended pupil master.

Applications should comprise of a cover letter, curriculum vitae, other materials such as academic transcripts or reference letters. Applicants may also state any particular field or preferred term of pupillage.

Mini-Pupillage Applications

Mini-Pupillages provide an opportunity for law students to shadow barristers and have a taste of the life of a barrister. Participants are able and expected to attend court hearings, conferences with clients and assist in legal research and drafting.

Applications should comprise with a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and all other materials the applicant deems relevant.

A mini-pupillage usually last for one to two weeks. Trinity Chambers receives students during both the summer term (usually late May to September) and winter term (usually December to January), deadlines for applications are as follows:

All applications and enquiries should be submitted to  chambers@trinitychambers.hk.