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Michael K.Y. Lam

Call: 2014 (HK)


Call – 2014
PCLL – The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) – 2013
LLB with Honours – University of Warwick (UK) – 2011


Fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin
Able to draft legal documents both in English and Chinese


Michael was called to the Bar in 2014 after completing his pupillage with Mr Albert Poon, Mr Duncan Percy, Mr Michael Liu and Mr Peter Wong.

Michael is developing a broad criminal practice.  He has appeared for different clients in the magistracies and in the High Court.  He has handled a large variety of cases.  Aside from defending and mitigation for different clients, Michael is also a Counsel on Fiat for the Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecuting for the DOJ.

In respect of his civil practice, Michael has acted for clients in personal injuries and contractual disputes. 

Michael is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.  He is able to draft legal documents both in English and Chinese.

Recent / Selected case


-HCCC 149/2018, HCCC 250/2019 (HKSAR v WONG Wai Ho)(Black Hill Wargame Murder)

  • The client faced charges for Perverting the Course of Justice and Handling Stolen Goods in this long case involving two voire dires, two severances and over 10,000 WhatsApp messages and against a murder background
  • Michael was tasked with cross examining PW3 (the friend of the deceased)(Led by Mr S. M. Chan)

-HCMA 109/2016 (HKSAR v CHEUNG Ka Ho)

  • Represented a policeman for an appeal involving three counts of Indecent Assault and one count of Common Assault on his own daughter(Led by Mr B. K. Ho)

-DCCC 596/2015 (HKSAR v LAM Man Leuk)

  • Represented an insurance agent for a mitigation involving several Fraud charges on his own company.  Client also gave material and useful assistance to the authorities in exchange for an extra reduction in sentence(Led by Mr B. K. Ho)

-FLCC 1581/2021 (HKSAR v TSUI Chi Kit)

  • Mr Cheng Huan SC led Michael to represent the client for a mitigation involving Drink Driving (Breathe Tier 3) and Careless Driving(Led by Mr Cheng Huan SC)

Michael handled the following cases in his own right:

-HCMA 792/2021 (HKSAR v KO Wing Cheung)

  • Drafted an Advice on the Merits of Appeal against Conviction of Dangerous Driving for the client

-FLS 14073/2021 (HKSAR v Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd)

  • Mitigation for the company involving a missed import license under Section 6C (1) and (2) Import and Export Ordinance Cap. 60

-TMCC 1234/2021 (HKSAR v CHAN Kwan Ho)

  • Mitigation for the client involving Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs

-STCC 430/2021 (HKSAR v TONG Wing Ming)

  • Mitigation involving Indecent Assault by a godfather on his goddaughter

-KTCC 877/2021 (HKSAR v SIU Shek Luen)

  • Trial for the client for Criminal Intimidation

-TMCC 70011/2018 (HKSAR v X)

  • Prosecuted the Junvenile Defendant in the Juvenile Court for Criminal Intimidation

-WKCC 3622/2017 (HKSAR v CHAN Ka Lok)

  • Prosecuted the Defendant for Fraud for defrauding a charity  


-HCCW 72/2019 (Re: L & A International Holdings Limited)

  • Represented the Petitioners in attending a Winding Up and Directions Hearing for the first ever listed company to be wound up by proceedings

-HCPI 172/2018, DCPI 1264/2019 (Fung Ka Fai v The Incorporated Owners of No. 1104, 1104A and 1104B Canton Road (D2))

  • Represented the client in a Personal Injury action involving the Plaintiff allegedly falling from a balcony

-DCPI 648/2018 X (sue by her mother and next friend, Y) v Cheer Holdings Limited (D3) 

  • Represented D3 in a Personal Injury action
  • D1, a social worker (now disqualified by the Social Workers Registration Board) and care home owner of D2, was accused of sexually assaulting X in D2
  • Criminal proceedings against D1 were dropped as X could not testify due to her being mentally incapacitated and unstable
  • D3 was formed by D1 and client with such background unbeknownst to client
  • X brought this Personal Injury action (civil) against all parties after criminal charges were dropped

-DCPI 1864/2017 So Po Ching and Cheung Wai Fun v Car City Motors Limited (D2)

  • Drafting Advice on Quantum for D2 in a Personal Injury action

-HCA 1817/2015 Top Catering Limited v Chan Sze Nga Fiona t/a TASTY

  • Junior to Mr Y. C. Yeung in assisting him in a Breach of Contract trial